Best VoIP services

The Voice over internet protocol market is usually a competitive. Because of this the low barriers to entry, anyone can technically become a Voice over internet protocol provider and sell their services to other people all over the world. All of the people need is a bit of computer hardware as well as access to the relevant gateways which interface between the Internet and the PSTN system easily. So, it is far easier than spending billions of dollars to create your own infrastructure the way traditional telecom services have to do.


But if it is so easy for anyone to set up their voice services by own self, how does one can choose between them? The race to the lowest price will soon settle down and then one has to look at other factors to determine the best provider between them all. So, we look at some of the important attributes when going to choose the best service which we are going to use.


While setting up the bare bones of a Voice over internet protocol service is easy enough, so doing a good job of it is another matter entirely. We also need to look at how fast it can recover when things go wrong. The facilities an ITSP has are a signal of how seriously they take their work and how much of an investment they’ve put into it.


voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, caller ID blocking these are the free feature which is generally have in VoIP service but as compare it with any standard telecommunication company you will see that they will charge extra for adding these features on. If you do want to add some more features than you can get the things like: Find Me Follow Me (rings your home number first, then your work, do not disturb and etc.


Customer Service

Since you’ll be relying on the Voice over internet protocol service for quite some time in the future, it’s critical to understand their approach to customer service. See if you can contact some other customers to find out how responsive they are and how often problems crop up.

Presence in the Market 

It is a strong sign of reliability if the Voice over internet protocol provider has a pervasive presence on support forums, has PR releases and if they give interviews, on line training and web conferencing or webinar sessions.

Call quality:

This is usually the biggest thing which people say and switch to voice over internet protocol provider from the standard phone services. This is usually the biggest argument while they comparing phone service to voice over internet protocol but this is just a rumor because as now even many branches of government are beginning to use voice over internet protocol. This is because voice over internet protocol is the cheap thing and easy to set it up. Many old telecommunication companies has been outraged because they can compete with voice over internet services.