Best VoIP services

ACD- Average Call duration works well for retailing and campaigning purposes by setting up average call duration as low as 12 seconds per call, making best use of it in the dialer traffic by not charging extra penalties and charging for the service on per second basis, sometimes as low as 6 seconds in some packages.


While choosing for an ACD termination service, kep in mind following mentioned highlights to make use of most of this service:

  1. Choose an ACD that backs up dialer traffic as on the minimum average call duration.
  2. Go for a service that provides authentic and guaranteed CLI.
  3. There are providers that offer varying billing packages and options, go for a service provider that helps you pay in your suitable calling needs.
  4. Before choosing the ACD service provider, look at the infrastructure and hardware used by the provider; choose for the one with high capacity ports for the purpose.
  5. Do not compromise on the network and voice quality provided by the provider over low ACD termination packages.
  6. Go for a termination service that makes it reliable by providing consistent and consistent low ACD voice termination.
  7. Make sure that the termination service deals with intra and interstate traffic, and is not a specified one.

ACD helps you manage and control your costs, by helping you focus on the quality and content of the service you are providing, thereby making sure your customer satisfaction, which in turns results in better revenue for your business. However, there is no optimum ACD value, and it can change according to personnel engagement level, keeping in mind that this service only caters to low level of engagement and doesn’t by the complexity of the task.

However, it is not ACD that is always to be blamed when it comes to effectiveness; sometimes you need to keep a close eye on the procedure and changes involved during the process. In order to keep a close check on improving ACD values, one must keep following key notes in their minds:

  1. In ACD, the focus is on the caller, therefore whatever they say is a prior focus, and proper notes should be taken and kept.
  2. Your tone and language will get you way forward in the process, pick and choose between the choices, prioritize between what to ask and what not; you are in control of information you want to deliver.
  3. You must keep logical and strategic questioning in mind and an order must be maintained to get a clear picture what the customer demands.
  4. However, your agents must be trained to cater all kinds of customers whether satisfied or upset.

This service allows your customers and your agents to work along each other to improve customer services, therefore not only callers but agents be encouraged for their performances time to time. All such measures will allow you achieve a near to optimum ACD value, helping you grow and compete with other businesses of the same nature.